No Metronome in Sample Editor ?

Just using the Free Warp in the Sample Editor (for the first time) and whatever I do, I can’t get the metronome to play. If I can’t hear the metronome, then it’s impossible to know whether I’m lining audio up accurately. Of course, if I close the Sample Editor and play from the Project windo then I can hear the metronome, but it’s a big PITA keep on opening and closing the Sample Editor after every change !

Am I doing something wrong ?

No, you’re not doing anything wrong (the Metronome isn’t available from the Sample Editor’s Play function). But, you don’t need to close the Sample Editor in order to play from the Project window. You can even draw a L & R Locator Range in the Sample Editor’s Ruler (so, you could set it to match the selection), then hit Play from the Transport Bar.

Thanks Vic. What I discovered was that if I use the Space bar to start Play, I don’t get the metronome (ie I just get audio from the Sample Editor) but if I use the Enter key I get metronome (ie audio from Project window) … not too intuitive !!

Thanks for your help