no metronome

Had the metronome and turned it off???.
Wanted it back on but it would not go back on. It’s totally disappeared!!! :cry:
Have look and click everywhere and still can’t get it back.
That’s in the main project and the control rm. that’s it’s gone.
On other projects, no problem. It’s there.
Any suggestions???

Thank you ahead of time.


I had this once about 4 weeks ago I guess.
I think the only way to get round it was to reboot.
Perhaps revert to an older project.

Enable it in Control Room via the box next to the output.

after several hrs. and putting the project away and thinking about it. I went back to the vst connections box
and on the rt side on top it SAYS “click” for the column.
That was it :laughing:
Just missed it :unamused:

It pays to take your time and think about what is really going on.

Thank you for your interest

If everyone did that there would be a lot less forum traffic~ :laughing: