No mic input detected?

I am using Cubase Elements 9.5 with Behringer UMC22 Audio Interface. the UMC22 picks up the signal from the mic but Cubase will not detect any signal. I’m using ASIO4ALL drivers as recommended by Behringer. I am using Shure SM57 microphone.

Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System;

F4 Inputs;

ASIO4ALL driver settings;

I’m unsure why Cubase won’t pick up the signal from my microphone as everything looks fine to me. Any suggestions ?

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to increase the latency.

I would also recommend to add a Mono bus in the Audio Connections > Inputs instead of Stereo.

Could you share a screenshot from the project? Is Monitor button enabled?

Hi, increasing the latency and adding a mono bus worked, thank you.
(i had previously tried turning on monitor in cubase but it made no difference)