No MIDI Freeze in Cubase Pro 12?

I can’t find the track freeze function anymore on MIDI tracks. It doesn’t show up in the inspector, or on the track>Track Control Settings, Freeze does not show up as an option

Freeze does show up on Audio tracks, & Studio>VST Instruments (freezes the instrument and all the tracks on it)

Am I just wrong in expecting freeze on a MIDI track?


Freeze allows you to temporarily bounce music to audio files to free up CPU load. MIDI hardly uses the CPU at all and also does not produce audio in itself. Therefore there is nothing relevant to freeze, the function does not exist.
What you might look for is the Lock Track function. Click the lock icon in order to protect your track and part data from accidentally getting changed.

In Cubase, freezing is done per instrument, and is controlled from the VST Instruments list. By clicking this button, all MIDI tracks connected to that instrument will be frozen:

For more control, look into Render in Place, which can also be used to save resources when used at the track level (no events/parts selected).

Thanks, Render in place it is then.

In the arrange window right click on the midi track you want to freeze to showtrack control settings, here you can add/remove things like lanes icon, edit in place, and suchlike Add the freeze icon (snowflake) it should then be visible on your midi track…If it’s not this then I’m not sure what it is. The snowflake should also be in the inspector… (you may have said you looked there)

There is a difference between an Instrument track and a MIDI track. On a MIDI track there is no Freeze.
I know it is a nuissance but it helps with communication if we can use the correct terms in order to avoid confusion.

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I’m sorry you tried all my suggestions already I apologise I’m just too keen to try and help and failed to register what you’d said properly. When you freeze a midi track it coverts the instrument to audio therefore freeing up processing power that is the point… (some one said you couldn’t freeze a midi track maybe the meant the midi info that is sent to the instrument associated with it) Sleep now got bloody covid again… :joy:

I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

I was not the one to ask the question but the one who said MIDI tracks have no freeze.
Also: in Cubase a MIDI track is not an Instrument track. There are some differences between the two, among them the Freeze function.