No MIDI in projects after rendering & audio metronome crash

Hey all, I’m new in the last two months to Cubase. I’m a fan already. But tonight, my first two issues with a major deadline tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated and thank you!!

  1. I’m sure this one is user error. When I rendered some midi projects to mix down wav files to take and record live drums over it at another studio tomorrow, I went back to play the midi and the midi now won’t play in those projects. The VSTi instruments are still loaded and the MIDI data is there. I can record new midi data on the same track but the old data won’t play. I desperately need to fix this. Any ideas?

  2. Anyone else having the following error (attached image) when trying to create an audio click track? It won’t work on some of my projects and I can’t find any info.

I’m Windows 10 on a brand new, gaming Dell so no computer issues on the surface.

Thank you!

Cubase issue with audio click file.PNG


  1. Could you be more specific when this happens? Are there any similarities in the projects where does it happen? Is it already reproducible with the project? Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

  2. Make sure you have the latest update. I remember the same Tori in the past. It’s already fixed or it will be fixed in upcoming update.