No Midi input after BFD3 Upgrade

Been using CB for a couple of years with BFD2 as a Live VST with audio outputs for each drum track into CB. No real issues and has been working fine until I upgraded from BFD2 to BFD3. My setup has always been BFD2 loaded as VST Instrument in the Rack, create midi track, enable all outputs for VST and set the midi track input- any midi channel and the midi track output as BFD2, everything worked that way . After installing BFD3 all I can see in CB as far as midi is the red indicator on the right side of the transport moving up and down when I trigger a midi event. No midi is getting to the midi track or BFD. I thought I might have done something but, I have Triple, Triple checked preferences, device setups and toggled anything I might have thought could help. I’ve also loaded my Previously saved projects where BFD2 has worked just fine, and I have not changed any settings and still Do Not Have Midi anywhere past the CB transport panel. I’ve posted in Fxpansions’ forum and havent found an answer. I now know how horrible it feels when your unable play/ create music. Can anyone help, please…

CB 6.5
Asus MB
I 5 4core 3.0Ghz
16 Gig Ram
Tascam US 1800
(2) x Trigger I/O