No MIDI monitor in MIDI Remote editor

Hello Team or User,

Somehow I have managed to get my config in a state where my Maschine MIDI data is no longer routed to the MIDI Remote editor. I think I had a file open in Sublime maybe, anyway…

I can see the data spew in a MIDI Monitor insert on a MIDI track, but not in the view when you are editing a MIDI Remote surface. Also, the data passes through fine when I switch to a different page and target the instrument track.

Here is a short video showing my trouble.

No MIDI monitor in MIDI Remote editor



I cannot reach the video. Make is public, please.

Sorry about that! It is public now.


Thank you for the video.

Have you tried to restart Cubase?

Yeah, I spent 11 hours total yesterday trying to undo. I was quite deep into customizing a Maschine MK2 and had started with a blanked out version of the .midiremote file that Jef has on his site. I had about a dozen different controls set up and had found all the right paths to enablement but then something got sideways and I could no longer load Jef’s .midiremote…


…but “Yes”, to answer your question…

  • I did.
  • I also got to meander in the joyless, information free UI of the OSX ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ ‘MIDI Studio’ grid view.
  • And I rebooted about a dozen times.

So, I got a new MIDI Remote ‘Controller Surface’ started and I am slowly rebuilding but here is what I was trying to rescue for so long yesterday; The Cubase connections side of the mapping that I plucked out while the configf was broken but not yet emptied, to try and reset.

If I delete everything about the MK2 remote and put this globalmappings
file into…

/Users/baron/Documents/Steinberg/Cubase/MIDI Remote/User Settings/

…then I can see the matching MK2 layout, and the controls work correctly inside Cubase (the UI elements trigger) but the MIDI internally isn’t getting to the Remote. I diff’d this one and a blank one that gets created when you export Jef’s and that is where things went super sideways and his wouldn’t load anymore.

What would be cool is to know how to pull out from there and add to a JSON (or some .js I guess?)…

  • any/all of the controls I had assigned
  • the full layout

…into a working one.

Thank you for looking. =)