No Midi Output to External Synth

Hi Everyone,

I feel like this is a simple fix, but I cannot for the life of me get this to work.

I need to send midi data to a hardware synth and I’m having no luck.

I’m using Artist 9. My i/o is a Scarlett 18i8. And I’m attempting to send a simple sequence to a Volca FM via channel 1.

I’ve checked the boxes in Project Synchronization and the Volca’s preset sequence will start and stop when I start and stop in Cubase. Still, I’m unable to get the Volca to play the actual notes in the Cubase sequence.

Device Setup shows the 18i8 as visible and active, yet the inspector window for the midi channel doesn’t show an output device that isn’t a VST.

Any help? Big thanks for your time and assistance.

Are you sure this is a midi track and not an instrument track?

You want it to either play from internal sequencer via synchronisation or you should turn that off if you want to play it from Cubase midi.

Thanks for your reply, Grim. Yes, I’m sure this is a midi track. I’ve tried this with several variations, though none has worked. I’ve included a screenshot here, too, in case someone can figure it out. I’m attempting to send the midi data on ch 3 to a Volca FM via the midi out of my Scarlett 18i8. I’ve also verified that the volca is receiving on ch 3.

You’re mistaken. You need to use a midi track.

Thta’s not a MIDI track, it’s an instrument track and it’s set to send the signal to Prologue which is an included VSTi.

You guys… I’ve been using Cubase for a LONG time, but I recently upgraded to Artist 9. I thought–100% incorrectly–that because an “instrument” track allowed you to manipulate note data that it was the same as a basic midi track. Thank you Grim and Planarchist for your patience and for pointing me in the right direction. I’m embarrassed.