No midi ports


Well I worked one problem out just to find another.
I can´t use the drum editor because, I think, I have no midi port in the Device setup. Strange, because I managed to use “prerecorded” drums on my first test project. When I program drums in the editor the meter is showing activity but there is no sound. According to the manual I have to assign ports in the device setup. But there are none to choose.

You need to load a drum VSTi in the VST Rack and select it as the output of the MIDI track you’re using the Drum Editor of.

I have been trying to do that for the last 5-6 hours, surfing the web and consulting the manual but with no success. Could I be so rude as to ask you for a step by step instruction. If you accept this challenge, please think that you are trying to explain it to a complete idiot, cause that is how I feel right now.
I would like to compose the drums in the drum editor.

That was step by step, it’s that simple.

I see:) But where do you load it and how, from where? I understand if you don´t have the time or energy to explain.

You can try this as one option:

Create an instrument track
Load track preset Stereo GM
Enable GM Drum Map
Set locators
Click on empty project window area for that track
Double click on that highlighted area to open the drum editor
Use “Drumstick” to draw in your hits

I’m not at my DAW machine right now so hopefully my memory is working for me

F11, I understand if you don’t have the time or energy to break out the Getting Started manual.

I´m at work now but I´ll definitely will try your tip Scab. Thank you. I´ll let you know how it went. As I said before, I´m sure that there is a very simple solution to my problem. I just have to learn how to work with Cubase. I´m finding it dificult to understand how everything is supposed to be connected, how the flow of signals are going and how different items have to be connected to make everything work. Which ports have to be connected to which types of channels (audio, midi) and where the buttons are to do so.

The key thing to remember about this is…

You can create a MIDI track and record MIDI notes to it. When you play it back, you’ll see playback/MIDI activity in the track but you have to assign/point that track to some instrument (either a VST instrument plugin or an external MIDI device/synth/drum machine etc…) in order to hear anything.

So, if you create a MIDI track, record something to it.

Press F11 to open the VSTi instrument rack.
Load up a VSTi instrument (Halion 1 for example).
Select a sound preset in Halion 1.
Go back to your MIDI track, select it and in the “Inspector” area, click on the output routing box (I think thats what it’s labeled) and select Halion 1 from the drop down list.

Hit play and you should now hear something.

Hi Karl.
This is exactly the kind of instructions I need. Go there, press this. I´m still at work but I can´t wait to get home and try your tips. I´m convinced it´s something stupidly simple. Will post my results.

Well, Karl, what can I say? You actually solved my problem! You are for me, right now, the greatest person alive! Thank you sooo much for bothering!
After surfing the web for 2 days (yes I can surf at work) I can tell you that there are a lot of Cubase owners out there that have the exact same problem. And in no one reply or tip is there such an easy and correct solution/description of how to solve this simple problem.
Well done!

Glad i could help…but one of the problems of getting older is the onset of alzheimers. It often causes me to forget where I left my darn “god delusion”! I used to carry it with me all the time…

Have fun, all the best!