No MIDI Remote showing? - SOLVED!

Hi all, I know I’m not the only one who has had problems getting MIDI remote to show up. Blank page, greyed out buttons etc and not recognising even Korg Kontrol which is in the presets of C12.

So I’d installed C12 on my MacBook Pro as well as my 5.1 Mac Pro, both running Catalina. MacBook saw MIDI remote and attached devices, MacPro simply didn’t.

I was having a documents folder clearcut on the MacBook and noticed a Steinberg folder with Crash Log and MIDI remote folder - checked the MacPro and no such folder existed. Copied from MacBook to MacPro and VOILA! I now have the MIDI remote working on the studio computer. For some reason C12 had not installed this folder in the Documents of MacPro, despite me re-installing twice. Same OS so who knows why.

Anyway I hope this helps someone else tearing their hair out. Now for some fun!