No midi signal in a midi track Cubase 9

Yeaaa! I finally found how to sent a message with my question LOL a progress every day hahahaha
OK on a bit serious note there´s my almost 3 weeks problem:

It shows midi signal in the right down corner in Cubase pro 9 but it does show a signal in my midi track so what´s the deal?

I am as green in Cubase as the special effect screen in the studio for superheroes movies, I mean I have no clue about the software I am not even sure what am I writing about LOL ok, it is not so bad :wink: but I am an infant to all that recording business.

my gear:
Macbook pro with macOS Sierra operating system, Stage piano Yamaha CP 300, sound card is Motu Traveler Mk3, and Røde K2 microphone That´s it ! and I´m one happy camper with just that and if I can only get that midi up and running I´ll probably will get to recordings after some months since I will be in a euphoric state LOL

yes, I watched tutorials n stuff but no answer for my dilemma yet.

the conclusion I can not record midi, shows only empty field on the track when I press to record and it disappears right after I stop it.

I managed to record midi twice some time ago in separate projects and have no clue how, well it was through usb cable from my piano directly to my piano and after days of not being able to hear what I played finally the sound came out through the piano speakers, now I managed to have the sound through the headphones from my Traveler Mk3 but I can record at all on the same as well as on the new tracks which I added to in the project wishing something will change but no success yet

What I desire( well many things :wink: is to be able to go through my interface Traveler Mk3 and so I can hear myself in the headphones Audio as well as midi regardless if I am recording or not :slight_smile: I go out midi out on my piano and midi in on my Motu sound card and it shows signals in there like midi in when I press the piano keys and midi out when I listen to what I previously recorded but still does not record and the question is WHHHHHHYYYYYYYY ?

the audio works fine with all those effects I sound like an angel LOL

Thank you for all your time :smiley:

Wojtek IHS

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, the MIDI Input is set to All MIDI Inputs. Or select the dedicated MIDI In (Yamaha CP 300, if it;s connected via USB, or MOTU MK3, if it’s connected via MIDI). In the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup, make sure, the MIDI Port is Visible, Active and In “All MIDI Inputs”.

Make sure, (especially) Note, and Controller is not enabled in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter in Record and Thru. Only SysEx filter is enabled by default.

Make sure, there is no Input Transformer on the MIDI/Instrument track.

I checked all the boxes off and IT WORKS! I´m so happy I will start crying LOL thank you so much for your answer.
OK, it´s time to get down to business lol :smiley:

Hi, I want to get myself Absloute3 a question is - does the VST sounds instruments sets for Groove Agent 4 are included in the package? you know I´m thinking about all of those Funk, Jazz, fusion and so on Essentials:

that´s the link I´m talking about, are all of those included in Groove Agent 4 inside Absolute 3 package or do I need to buy those things separately ???

thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Wojtek IHS

Those sound sets are extras and are not included in either Groove Agent 4 or the Absolute Collections.

thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Guys, I´ve recorded several audio tracks with horn section and I am trying to figure it out how to make them all be tight but not to the beat, I want to synchronise all of the other horns to my first alto sax not to any other instrument since the horn section is purposely out of beat though it still fits and regardless how precise I can be recording other horns it is still sloppy at some places.
Is there any tutorial I could watch for Cubase pro 9 where I could follow the steps

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wojtek IHS

hi, I want to buy some of jazz, funk and such essentials for my Cubase Pro 9 I recently bought “absolute 3” I am still waiting for the delivery though, my question is if those essentials packages will work on my Cubase 9? coz the message about compatibility is a bit confusing for me :slight_smile:

thank you

Wojtek IHS

Hey again, do you have any tutorials how to synchronize horn section with each other not necessarily with the beat itself, I found this “warp” thing and so I´m trying to work with it but I´d like to learn if there is faster way to do it :slight_smile:

thank you

Wojtek IHS