No MIDI signal received on Dorico 4

Hey there
I’m hoping someone can help me out - after many hours troubleshooting, I’m still not receiving any MIDI signal from my Nord Piano 4 thats connected to my focusrite interface, which is being seen in my Dorico 4 trial programme.

I’m using a Mac.

The focus rite interface appears fine + is ticked under the Play preferences …
I’m not seeing a green dot at all.

I’ve checked with logic + also on my Mac sound input + there is a signal coming from my keyboard.

Any help would be so so so appreciated - I have a deadline of scoring 9 songs for a musical!

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As far as I know, there are only two places to check: Edit - Preferences - Play - MIDI Input Devices to select the MIDI input channel and Edit - Device Setup to make sure your interface is selected.

Welcome to the forum @nickyharris92 !

Could you please load a project in Dorico and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

After analyzing the logs and other things, I can give further advice.

Hey there Ulf

Thank you for welcoming me to the community + for your speedy reply!

I’m just posting the corresponding zip file as mentioned.

Thank you!

[Dorico|attachment](upload:// (266.4 KB)

Hi @nickyharris92 ,
the upload did not work somehow. Can you please try again, or send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Hey Ulf

I’m trying again now … failing that I’ll send to the address given.

Dorico (266.4 KB)

Did the zip file above work? N

Sorry, I was away for some time. And thank you, yes, now it worked. I’m looking now…

Hi, strange, very strange.
According to the logging and data I see, I would expect it to be working.

How about if you load an existing project (from the examples) do they play back and make sound?
And there is no green light flashing in Dorico’s right bottom corner if you play on your keyboard?


Yes its so strange, I can’t figure it out at all.

Yes I’ve loaded the Pigmalion Suite this minute + it plays fine.
There is no green light slashing in Dorico’s right bottom corner though …

Follow up: Problem solved, Nick did not have the MIDI driver for the Nord Piano properly installed.


Hello there Ulf!

I’ve been using Dorico a lot with compositions for the small theatre production (rehearsals start tomorrow!) - I am a private piano tutor also, this is my first job outside of education! I was wondering if there is a way to purchase the full Dorico at the discounted price as a tutor?

My best wishes,

Hey Nick, there is a dedicated page for educational prices:

Hey! Thanks Bobmusic, unfortunately where I teach privately - I’m not sure how I can prove my employment status as a music teacher through Steinberg’s systems … ?

I think the best is to get in contact with Steinberg support and ask if there is a solution for music teachers working as freelancers.

Hi @nickyharris92 ,
I am in the engineering department and have no clue about sales or how the educational licenses are handled. So Bobmusic’s advice is most likely best.