No monitoring/playback of MIDI - Cubase LE 5

Hi again…

Problem with MIDI monitoring/playback - recording is going fine - midi track set up and its all there. Indeed earlier I had playback of what I recorded but nothing now.

I’m using Cubase LE 5 with PC laptop, Tascam US-122mk11 ( soundcard. I’m using computer monitors for now. MIDI provided my Korg Microkorg.

“MIDI Thru Active” is activated in Preferences and I’ve set the Microkorg to Local Off.

thanks in advance

You need to connect speakers or headphones to your interface to hear playback. You can switch ASIO drivers between the Tascam and your onboard soundcard to hear, but that’s not ideal.

A Midi track in Cubase LE 4 or LE 5 will only record the midi information being sent by the Korg, it will not contain any audio information.

So the idea is that you connect the midi out of the US122 to the Korg, then record the audio coming out of the Korg via the audio inputs of the US122 to an audio track in Cubase.

Alternatively, you could set up a VST instrument track in Cubase, set the output to a VST such as Halion, and then drag the recorded Midi events on to the instrument track.

thanks lads

i’ve decided i’ll just need to do a helluva lot more reading and grasp the fundamentals rather than trying to skip through stuff and walk before I can crawl (which is resulting in me coming on this forum asking stupid questions that I should be grasping from the tutorials).

I’m in this for the long haul so it’ll stand to me.