No more DAW return

Hello! I need some help, my UR22c seems to give me only input return with Yamaha DSP amps, I can’t get DAW return anymore. I tried different options like “Monitoring Direct”, nothing is working at all. I have got a big feedback ringing or input sound when I am using “Mix” button. This appened suddenly.
His my UR22c broken?

Can you provide a screen shot from DSPMixFX please

What is your DAW? Is the output setting there correct?
Can you hear playbacks?

I have no troubles with DSPMixFX, I can’t get Cubase direct return, I only can ear and record dry signal and fx signal from DSPMixFX (Left side tab UR22-C insert fx and reverb fx), Yamaha Asio Driver is set properly, audio connections window is set using Yamaha asio driver, In show UR22-c-2 (Guitar input), Out is also UR22-c, I can record dry signal, aply FX and ear it but I can’t ear Cubase Insert fx directly, I can get only a noisy feedback.
Everything used to work fine set like this but it doesn’t work anymore.

Here are screen captures:

Thank you for your help!

I can’t figure out what you are telling me…
What is Cubase direct return?

My monitors give me only a feedback sound out of Cubase and standalone applications, but DSP seems to work properly because yamaha’s plugins from the UR22c works fine.

I have got a feedback sound insted of DAW when the small ring is orange.

you sending your input to the output (and applying gain with a plugin?)
if your input is a microphone this will pick up your monitor signal and feed it back to the input

all works normal… YOU have to avoid that situation…

Ok, I finally found that DSPMixFX whas set-up to LIVE CAST! Sorry, now everything works properly, thank you very much!