No more disks?....just!!

Hi…I just purchased cubase pro 9…full box version from sweetwater…why arent there any disks anymore? The sales person also steinberg support told me disk came with the full version…thats what I wanted…but when i GOT PRODUCT …no disk…now salesperson states they dont come with disk anymore…everything is downloaded…if I knew that I would have gotten the upgrade and saved 250$$$…can anyone assist me pls…when did they stop putting disks in their boxes?..thank you

This is correct, all upgrades are download only. BOXED version is for the FULL NEW install if you will. In the Steinberg shop its all download as well for upgrades. There is no upgrade boxed version on sweetwaters site

I did not purchase a upgrade or update…I understand those are downloads…I purchased the FULL VERSION from them (SWEETWATER)…and all I got was a empty box with a download code and dongle…I WANTED THE FULL VERSION with DISKS…no where on any site for the full version do any suppliers nor steinberg say you will have to download the version…where can I get the DISK FROM?

I can’t comprehend why anyone would spend $250 extra just for physical DVDs of software that will be out of date in 6 months. :open_mouth:

Send it back, get a refund. Buy the cheaper upgrade. Find a way to download it.

If you purchased the full C9 instead of the upgrade to get the DVD’s I get your frustration. Their site says its a BOXED , question I have is whats the diff between that and the download version other than the dongle?

No DVD’s for brand new product sounds new to me. Send support a ticket and ask as well, sorry man

I went to buy the FULL on shop site and it says this

Internet connection required for activation and installation. To complete the installation, a download is required.

BOXED - question I have is whats the diff between that and the download version other than the dongle?

Some folded cardboard!

Maybe OT but wasn’t there a time when you could download just the program executable minus VST sound etc?

no instructions what so ever on how to or where the installers are…no installer disks…I feel like I only paid 600 for a usb dongle with no program to use…help

  1. Create a MySteinberg account and register the Dongle

  2. Download the Elicenser application: (ignore any safety warnings)

  3. Enter the Activation code for your program, i.e. Cubase

  4. Download application file for Cubase for your platform:

  5. Install Cubase application

  6. Open Cubase and register if desired

Are you not able to return it to Sweetwater and save yourself the $250 as I suggested?

If not then follow audioguys very clear instructions above and sell the license for the other version to recoup what you can.
There isn’t much else anyone can do to help you with this.