No more mp3 extension patch available?

Hi guys,

I can’t find the MP3 extension patch to purchase in Steinberg’s online shop anymore.

I’ve researched a lot, and cannot find any information about this. Are the new versions of Cubase 11 all unlocked for MP3 export?? Even Cubase AI/LE 11?

How about older version users? Can they do some update where it unlocks mp3 export in their version (e.g. Cubase LE 10.5)?


Shop page is here:-

Shows you which editions it’s valid for and since i returned to Cubase (using 9.5 AI, then Elements, then Pro) MP3 export has been there on each edition and didn’t need the add-on as previously required.

So kinda presuming the info at the top of that page is very much valid.

i.e. Only required up to Artist 7 and AI/LE version 9.

If you try to add it to the cart, it disappears.

Also, it’s not listed on the site anymore. This is a legacy link

If it’s something you need perhaps you will have to contact Steinberg then. Which Cubase edition and version are you wanting to apply it to?

There was a workaround with older versions that i used to use whereby you didn’t need the patch, some of the avilable options would actually export as MP3 files, but i can’t remember which off the top of my head. :frowning:

Yes, I’ve sent an email to Steinberg with this question too.

I think this info is missing in the Cubase 11 feature charts, if the MP3 export is unlocked now.

Also, if there is no patch, then older users might have an update for that??

It’s Cubase LE9. If the 11 version has MP3 export unlocked, the update will be a good solution for sure.

Oh you’re only a version away from it, they may grace you up to 9.5+ as you can’t purchase it… You never know! :slight_smile:

Had a quick search on the forums and notice that the shop item hasn’t been working for 4+ years:-

Also, MP3 export is just a standard ‘expected’ feature nowadays i don’t think they would even highlight that on their feature/comparison matrixes anymore.

This user had already purchased the product, he was looking for an answer on how to download the installer again. This was available recently, I work at a music production school where sudents buy this frequently, it hasn’t been too long since we saw a student buy it.

Also, MP3 export is just a standard ‘expected’ feature nowadays i don’t think they would even highlight that on their feature/comparison matrixes anymore.

You are right, but it was a limitation before and if now it is part of the factory toolset, they should highlight it for sure

Ah ok, it feels like such a long time ago to me, so apologies. I was using Logic for a long period after earlier Cubase versions.

It should show in the mysteinberg account if they have purchased it. Did you check there?

Brother, please read my post again. I’m sorry but you’re not helping with the question.

Maybe you can help finding out whether Cubase AI/LE and Elements 11 can export MP3 without any limitation?

Yes i said that in the my first reply.

It’s included in:-
AI/LE after v9.
Elements/Artist after v7.

My original reply:-

This reply has nothing to do with what I was asking, I hope someone has patience to read through all this and still give a valid reply

Where does Steinberg says this? I cannot find this information anywhere

I said in my first post it’s shown on the product page that i linked to, i.e.:-1:

The MP3 Update Patch for Cubase Artist 6 / 6.5 / 7, Cubase Elements 6 / 7, Cubase Studio 4 or higher, Cubase Essential 4 or higher, Cubase AI/LE 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9, Sequel 2 or higher, Sequel LE and WaveLab Elements 7 / 8 utilizes the Fraunhofer MP3 codec for highest audio quality.

Which means that If you have Artist/Elements 6, 6.5, 7 you need it.
If you have AI/LE 4,5,6,7,8,9 you need it.

After those versions it was included according to their product page.

I see.

If we confirm that it’s not required in more recent versions by updating, I’ll mark this as resolved. Thanks

Look at the manual if you want proof:-



There’s absolutely no mention of the upgrade or limitations on v10. But wait for Steinberg to get back to you if you want to be 100% sure.

Yes, that is how it looks indeed.

Unfortunately I am not the person who decides it, but it seems like the update to 11 should be the best fix.

This info seems really hard to find in current Steinberg manuals, help site, feature charts, etc… maybe they should add a list of export formats to help users with this kind of doubt.

As soon as I have some development in this, I will post it back here. Thanks