no more option for custom naming of midi export?

I saw that the midi-export is new after the 1.1 update.

Am I right, that currently there is no option to decide the name of an exported midifile free during the export-dialog?

Meanwhile I now can decide which part of the score would be exported in which folder and if there should be a new seperate folder for the exported midi I can not find any option to name the file in another way than the program automatically does combining the projectname with the decision, which part I decided to export.

This automatism might be useful in the context of larger projects and scores. For a single short pianopiece I would like to name directly what I do export either to mark different versions of the same project or just to keep the name as simple as possible.

Perhaps I just did not found the option to name the midi file during the export. But if I am right, and there is currently only automatic naming. I would propose to ad an option for custom naming.

You are correct that there is currently no way to specify a custom filename when exporting a MIDI file (or indeed an audio file, MusicXML file, graphics file, etc.). We may well add some functionality to allow custom filenames in the future. For now, hopefully you will not lose too much of your life-force in doing the occasional bit of renaming (after all, if you want to provide a custom filename in Dorico, it’s really no more work to provide the filename after the export has been performed).

Oh I do enjoy my life more and more using Dorico :smiley:

I’d like to bump this topic. Yeah, I can go find the file in Windows explorer and rename a file there but that can be really tedious and irritating every time we export - especially if we are exporting different versions and whatnot. It would be really nice to have more naming options in the export dialog than just the flow itself. You could include some of the text tokens, versioning along with a text box with limited characters for a description.

Just my $0.02. :slight_smile:

Yes, we know that users would like more control over the names of exported MIDI and audio files. It’s on the backlog for future implementation.