No more SplitView on 13" MacBook

I was heavily reliant on SplitView on macOS. Due to the new status bar in Dorico and a (relatively?) new minimum horizontal window size constraint in Preview on macOS, SplitView no longer works when you have a small screen.

Therefore, my suggestion is to use a small app called SlidePad. This way, you can have a PDF floating above a full-screen Dorico and easily switch between them. It’s useful for moments when you don’t have a second monitor (or if you find it faster to work on a single monitor).

Other suggestions are welcome, of course, but this is what seems to be the quickest for me after a day of experimenting.

There are plenty of third-party window managers, like BetterSnapTool, which let you divide windows into areas of the screen.

Doesn’t work well for me. I need Preview max 1/3 of the window size, but the minimum horizontal constraint is 1/2 of the screen size. Dorico’s is even larger.

I use Rectangle. Probably similar to BetterSnapTool. You can divide the screen also in thirds.

If you use the macOS Preview app it doesn’t work, because, it also takes more than 1/3 of the screen. But Acrobat Reader works fine.