No more VSL expression map in Dorico 5


With Dorico 5, I can’t find the VSL expression map

It still works with Dorico 4

I’ve tried to reinstall VSL expression map package, no change

Any idea ?

I’m not sure where VSL choose to install their playback templates etc., but check for a folder called DefaultLibraryAdditions inside Steinberg\Dorico 4 in both the user-level app data folder and the global app data folder. You’ll need to copy that to the equivalent location in Steinberg\Dorico 5.


Just to confirm – VSL installs the plug-into the DefaultLibraryAdditions user folder
NotePerfomer seems to install to the ProgramData folder.

Thanks Daniel

I need to copy DefaultLibraryAdditions but also EndpointConfigs and PlaybackTemplateSpecs
to be able to use VSL again.

That works correctly now.

Maybe VSL need to update their installer to get compatible with D5.

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