No MPE in Halion 7

The absence of MPE in Halion 7 is a huge disappointment for me. That would have been absolutely fantastic and would have made me upgrade immediately. I sincerely hope MPE will be integrated into Halion in the near future.
The whole competition between brands is quite annoying honestly and I doubt Steinberg has anything to gain by only incorporating its own note expression and not MPE. I’m pretty sure I can’t use that with my Linnstrument or with the Microtuner in Ableton Live, which I use all the time and doesn’t have an equivalent in Cubase. I’m a big fan of Steinberg products but this is really making it hard to use them as much as I’d like to. I would LOVE to use Halion 7 with my Linnstrument hence why I’m so awfully disappointed.


Hi @Xenharm thanks for your feedback. As you mentioned, VST3 Note Expression was, unfortunately (imho), not really integrated outside the Steinberg world. Linnstrument is my favourite way to play HALion and Padshop. So, believe me when I say I am just as eager to get this as you are. Truth be told, there is work to be done, that has not been done yet. I can’t even give an estimate when this might materialise. So we need to be patient and wait a little longer.


I am using a Roli Seaboard with MPE, and under the Note Expression tab, go to input assignments and you can add midi controller setups. Many of the CC s in the midi implementation are not visible until you add them to the list. Brightness CC74 is what I use in MPE when I move my finger along the length of a key on the seaboard. Which is often assigned to cutoff frequency on my MPE responsive vars. I often use CC11 (expression) for aftertouch and CC 1 (modulation) for portamento and pitch bend. Note expression predated MPE which is why you do not see MPE specifically stated but it is there to use and was fully integrated during an update of Halion 6. I do note that for Halion7 when I use the Roli Dashboard, for better live performance I adjust the horizontal movement Glide from a straight line function at 100 percent to a more Serpentine curve function about 80 percent to accommodate pitch bend between E and F, as well as B and C where there is just a semitone between them. I also tend to lower pitch bend Range parameter from 48 which I use on Equator2 to about 24 on Halion7 when using samples of reed instruments like saxophone to better approximate player embouchure on the woodwind reed.


Wonderful! Thanks so much for this info, I’ll definitely give this a shot.

Some time ago, I made a video about how to use the Roli Seaboard or other MPE device with Padshop, Retrologue and Halion, using note expression (Roli Seaboard Rise with VST3 synths in Cubase 1 - YouTube). The video is now a bit obsolete as for Cubase 11 and 12 has now MPE controller setting implemented, and so we can use them in MPE mode, and only channel 1 selected as midi input in the inspector. You have to make use of note expression to make it work, but it is not so difficult to implement. Unfortunately in the stand alone versions of Halion, one need to open 16 instances of the same instrument on every channel to make it work ; This is a huge bummer and CPU hungry way of doing things… SO YES MPE compatibility should be GREAT (Necessary) TO HAVE


So are there any rough estimates when we can expect MPE support in Halion?