NO New Guitar Amp Classics FX bundle for MR816?...this SUCKS

Sadly I’m a little let down by this. I mean, I’d love for Steinberg to bless all their Hardware with this update but they’re playing favorites…Oh well

actually i was thinking for myself a long time ago why not adding delay or guitar amp/fx to MR816, but i didn’t write it in forum cuz i thought steinberg anyway won’t do it(they didn’t implement many other request even more urgent and “logical” than this with MR816) and maybe there is some limitation with DSP power, now they are coming with this only for UR series !
so yes it SUCKS !
hope they are actually going to release some firmware update for MR series too.

i have to face those lazy guitar players without amps ,want amp emulation and fx,then they mute the strings with the palm of the hand,strum quickly the strings and say… hey there is a latency !! :unamused: :smiley:

… Like you, I feel deflated in that no new FX have been included for our firewire faithful platform.

C’mon steinberg - give us some lovin’

Well have double feeling about this, but more hoping for driver support in the future, this is much more important.
On the other hand the use of LE7 would come in handy :bulb:

And do these new Yamaha effects only work with the UR series because of better DSP hardware? That would explain that this is only UR series!