No new Metronome routing in C6?

Hi All.

I am used to bounce to an audiotrack (or vsti) the metronome as I often have to blend in and out the metronome for the musician that is recording (during breaks or drum-less passages), or just to have it far in the background without killing the feeling.

Is there in C6 nothing new that you can control the click on the mixer (and then obviously on the MCU)? Do I still have to go my old route?

I’ve read the manual and found nothing, but maybe I missed something…



Next week we’re going to a large recording studio (Logic based) to record the drums on a 25 minutes track.
We can’t do this in our studio as the drumkit is too large for our studio… :smiley:
The song has a lot of tempo changes, rallentando and accellerando…

The 31 audio tracks have been exported the old fashion way: 31 .wav files all starting at the same point.

After spending hours and hours trying to export or record the metronome there was only one way left:

  • Mute all tracks
  • Click on
  • Connect a cable between an output and an input of the sound card
  • Create a track named “Metronome”
  • Put the fader of the “Meronome” channel to zero
  • Cursor on starting locator
  • Hit the record button
  • Wait 25 minutes
  • Done!

Are we the only band in the world using click track for the drummer?

Greets from Switzerland.


Would have been much easier programming a MIDI click.

I counted more than 84 tempo/signature changes… I doubt this would have been easier, but maybe I am missing some MIDI tricks… I am not that much into MIDI…

Have a nice day.


Putting the MIDI track in Musical Mode allows it to follow the changes. I made and exported a MIDI click at 120 to use in all projects.

…intresting. I’ll try that! Thanks for your hint.

As you can see, I found a solution, and there are other that can be found on the net and on youtube… the basic topic is “why does steinberg ignore this request that pops-up since SX2?”

Thank again for your hint.


Why don’t you simply route the MIDI output of the metronome to an appropriate VST Instrument in the VSTi Rack (e.g. GrooveAgentOne, with a simple kit loaded into it), and bounce the audio output of GAO, same as you would for any other VSTi?

Thanks for that one. I Tried it. I did’t find an appropriate sound on GAO. The closest sound was in the GM Kit (Woodblocks? on E4-E5), but the drummer is used to that penetrating beep sound, so he asked me to sample the original beep… this didn’t work with GAO (can it import samples?)…

These are all work arounds. Why can’t there be a mixer channel with fader and all that where you can control the click track? Even when recording with C6 click, every time the drummer asks for a louder click, you have to stop playback, transport menu, Metronome settings, rise the two levels, click ok, restart playback.

…2 minutes later, a part without bass, the drummer whants a lower click volume, and you start over again, stop playback, transport menu, Metronome settings, lower the two levels, click ok, restart playback…



That reads like you are using neither the Control Room nor the Studio Sends (both of which offer adjustable click level).
You could also (as Mashedmitten posted a little while ago in another post :wink: ), create an extra Output in VST Connections, and enable “click” on it. That will allow you to use its fader (but of course still won’t allow you to record the result, unfortunately.)
As for the “beep” sound, yes, you can drag any audio clip from a Cubase audio track (or directly from the Pool) onto any pad in GAO.