No newsletters ?

Hi There

I activated newsletters from my account 2-3 weeks ago, but have recieved nothing, despite some announcments on the frontpage,…

Also there is sometimes some red warning-box “please try again”, somehow nonsens, becourse its not mentioned what the message actually means :smiley:

So whats up:

  1. Is no newsmail going out for the last weeks ???
  2. Or some known problem with the system ???
  3. What to do ???

Thanks in advance for any help !!!


I’ve had no issues with my account.
I get newsletters from time to time.
I believe you need to post this in the Forum issues section.
But, I may be wrong.

You are not the only one having issues…

Regards. :sunglasses:

Have you check your spam folder sometimes may be arrived.

Saw it - I hope it works now! just opt out just to sign up again :smiley: