No note preview/trigger when moving notes in Key Editor

Not sure if this is related to an option or just a bug. I’m in Cubase 6, Windows 7 Professional x64.

In previous versions of Cubase, when moving note pitches up and down in the key editor, using the keyboard or the mouse, every step in pitch would trigger the note so I can hear exactly what I’m doing. For some reason, in Cubase 6 the notes are not triggered by these changes.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Actually testing it out now I see it’s ONLY when I move the notes using the directional arrows on the keyboard. If I move the notes with my mouse they retrigger on every pitch. Any reason it’s not working on the keyboard? This worked for me in every previous release.


Hello ddub86,

It works here without problems. Do you have installed the latest Cubase 6 updates ?



Thanks Chris. I am updated to 6.0.2, and from what I remember, this problem also occurred in 6.0 - next week when I have time I’ll take screen capture video to document the problem.

Just to make sure, there’s no option related to this that I may be missing, right?

Hi ddub86,

it works without problems here, too. I’ve tried to find an option related to this but couldn’t find any, there’s only the preview button in the key editor but that works for both mouse and arrow keys at the same time, no way to separate the two. Maybe you try to rebuild preferences?