No offline click/metronome export?

Hi there,

The new improved metronome/click setup is great. However am I still understanding right that there is no way to export a click offline along with other stems? That I have to bounce cues out twice, once offline for all my stems, and once real time just to get the click track has been an absurd joke for an incredibly long time and I’m sad to see it hasn’t been fixed…unless I’m missing something obvious!! Toggling back and forward between the settings is enormously frustrating. It should just be able to trigger the click in an offline export the same as any other midi or audio. Same occurs even if using a midi click to a kontakt instrument.

Why is such a simple thing impossible?


You can click to the Signature Track Options in the Signature track, and Render MIDI Click between Locators or Render Audio Click between Locators. Then it’s just another MIDI/Audio track and you can route/export, etc. the same way as other MIDI/Audio tracks.

Ok thanks…still seems silly that one has to create an audio track when it’s already going out an audio buss, but guess this is just never going to get fixed. Adds three extra steps, and fundamentally offline and real time bouncing yield different results (one renders the click into the audio file, the other doesn’t)…which is just silly. Also wish you could export a click whilst doing an offline bounce of stems that was a mono file, as opposed to a stereo file like all the other stereo files, in one pass…stereo clicks irritate a lot of studios on orchestral sessions as they’ve usually got a mono click buss on the board.

But I guess it’ll do for now…

This solution gives you all flexibility you have with any other tracks – routing, exports, etc., everything. This was probably the reason.

Not really…it’s a remarkable irritation. I have to print the click to audio, but then if on a cue conform I need to change tempo or edit anything about the timeline, I have to delete that, re-export…when all they’d have to do is allow the bounce offline and online to be exactly the same (which it arguably should be). Aside from external instruments, there’s absolutely no good reason for the online and offline bounces to yield a different result, especially when the midi click is triggering a sampler instrument which it could easily render and remove the need for this extra step. The click isn’t a track I want to reverb, buss, do anything other than print a mono file of…only occasionally will someone want a click bounced inside an actual file vs stems, for example (orchestrators used to use this way back when but I know none who want it now)…