No options to display the waveforms of summed audio tracks on folder tracks

Dear users and developers,

Is there no option to display the waveforms of summed audio tracks on folder tracks?
I see only small individual waveforms if the folder is folded.

The folder doesn’t sum the tracks… it’s just organizing the tracks.

I know the folder track does not sum up audio signals, but it could show the summed waveforms only for visual information. Reaper has this feature.
It would be comfortable if Nuendo also had such an option.

Then you should use Reaper.

That makes no sense, since the routing could completely differ from what is in the folder, so the information would be wrong in many cases.


I purchased Nuendo, and I should use it more intensive than Reaper.
Is it prohibited to request a feature that Nuendo does not have, but other software does? Or did I impolitely write my request?

You asked a question, and you did get an answer.

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OK, I will post it again later as a feature request.

I did not use Nuendo for ten years after graduating from my university, and it has been just a couple of weeks since I purchased Nuendo. There have been many changes in between, so I am not so familiar with the new Nuendo.

Anyway, thanks for answering my question.