No other apps can make sound when using Asio4all with Dorico

I’m using Asio4all v2.14 and when Dorico is started no other apps can make any sounds, indeed some websites like Youtube will flag an error because the audio device isn’t working or similar.

I can’t find a ‘non-exclusive use’ setting in the Asio4all driver, which I think some websites recommended.

I can’t remember why I downloaded Asio4all, it was probably for some MIDI/audio software a lot of years ago, but if anyone can solve this problem with Asio4all or recommend a different driver to try I’d be happy to hear it!

Try FlexAsio, (is Ready for Multi-Client) than it works

Here is a download link for FlexASIO.

And also the Generic Low Latency Driver from Steinberg can be configured to work in such way. Just open the Control panel and make sure that the option at the top of the window is not checked.

Got it, thank you.