No other sound selection possible


I’m sorry if this question exists somewhere already, but I couldn’t find a topic on it.

In my Halion Sonic SE window I can’t open any other sounds for my instruments (I’ll attach a picture) - when I open the box, it cannot find any other options. How can I get access to all the other available sounds? And why are they not showing up?

(Also, what is the shortcut to open that window, if I want to close and restart it?)

Thank you so much!!
~ Nina

It’s a simple matter of deleting a preference folder so that the instrument list can be rebuilt automatically. This is a known issue and the steps for fixing this are listed in the release notes for 1.1 - I’d give you a link but I’m having a hard time finding the instructions at the moment. Probably someone else will chime in with the exact location. In the mean time, at least you know where to look.