No out gain in the channel strip EQ??

Hey fellas,
I was looking for an Out gain in the channel strip EQ, but it seems to be there isn’t one…
was it like that in cubase 5 also?
it’s pretty stupid since matching volumes when doing A/B testing is pretty crucial…
there’s only a pre-gain knob or something, which affects the gain also when the EQ is bypassed, so you can’t really A/B test…

what i need is an option to adjust the gain after i adjust the eq, and then when i bypass the EQ, the gain will be back to what it was before the EQ change, so I can get the same volume with different EQ setting.


Thanks !

You could use the StudioEQ instead. It has the auto gain feature which is not in the channel eq. But I agree, it should be included :sunglasses:

Does anybody know if this is by design or is it a bug because I could use this feature myself? If it is a bug then I suppose it’s just a case of waiting for a fix.

It´s not a bug.

Anyone wondering about such questions, please get familiar with Cubase’ signal flow. The pre gain is not just pre EQ, it’s pre inserts/pre strip (+ the channel EQ is a part of the strip).

You mean the “pre-gain” is a setup tool rather than creative tool - thus there’s no reason why you would need to change it after the initial setup? My apologies if I’ve got it wrong. Either way, thanks

I find pre-gain very handy in C7. Most VSTi and samplers presets are almost peaking and for a proper gain-staging you always have to lower volume a lot. But if all of your mixer faders are somewhere around -12db, it’s no good, because fader resolution is much better around zero. So i use pre-gain lowering so, that all my faders (only in the beginning, of course) are around zero. It also means that you get a proper signal entering you insert-fx chain. This also means that if you use pre-fader sends, it’s easier to match the post-fader sound and pre-fader send. This also means (in case of audio channels) you can keep the wave-form display big and wide, but lower the signal just before the insert chain.
Returning to the topic… Strip EQ really lacks a gain knob, and using insert plug-ins is a bad workaround because the whole Strip idea was to let us work faster, easily applying basics mixing moves to any channel without loading plugins, opening windows etc… So in my case i find that i don’t really use Channel Strip… because the C7 signal flow just makes you chose either you mix this exact channel entirely in Channel Strip, or you go for inserts. Having invested so much money on Pluging of course i go inserts… what if my wife learns i’m not actually using all that buck spent?))
…but pre-gain is absolutely ok, it has a different role.

…because your fader Resolution is much better around Zero? …

Could you explain, I am not getting it.

Cheers, Ernst

Cubase Channel Fader.png
Just look at the values - below -5 db there are more and more decibels of volume for the lenght (sorry if my english is not so good in explaining, but i think you can see it) - so you have a more precise control around zero fader position. This is a life-changing thing, but why make your life harder?))

All I’m saying is it’s a gain staging tool that will affect all following processors in the chain. Of course you can change it after initial setup, keeping in mind that dynamics (should there be some) will behave differently. It’s not so crucial with EQs unless you have some modelled plugins that include a whole emulated input chain (input transformers etc.).

No matter what, I’ll have no problems if Steinberg adds a gain knob on the channel EQ. Would be handy for sure.