No output from Cubase AI 7 project opened in 10

I have a large number of projects that were saved in 7.02. When I open them in 10, I see audio going to the Stereo output channel in the mixer, but it stops there. I have the control room set up, and there’s no audio out, nor anything visible in the cr meters. If I change to a 10 project and activate it, the output is normal.

The 7 projects have no inserts on the stereo bus. I’ve verified that all tracks are pointing to the stereo bus (there are no groups in these projects). I’ve compared the output and control room settings (F4) when going back and forth to make sure nothing’s moved. When last I left them, back in the 7 days, they were all working normally.

I next opened a different set of projects, version 7.07. These all behaved normally.

If I remember correctly, I had created the 7.02 projects in Cubase AI 7 because they were designed to be played back at a gig on a laptop and I didn’t need the full pro version installed. The 7.07 projects that worked okay were from the full version of 7.

At the time I was working on these projects, I could open an AI 7 project in the pro 7 version and it would behave normally. That said, is there a known issue of some kind that older versions of AI will not operate correctly in 10 Pro? And if that’s the case, does anyone know of a workaround that would make it less painful for me to migrate all these old projects to 10 beyond create a 10 project, import the tracks, one at a time?

Would be grateful for any insights.


Could you try to click to the Deactivate All Mute States in the Project window or MixConsole, please?

Thanks, Martin.

I’ll try that when I’m in the studio later today and report back. Appreciate the help.

Hey, Martin.

Just tested and the mutes weren’t a factor.

However, as I continued working the problem, I just realized that in 10 Pro, I use the control room. Consequently, in the 7 AI projects, I was also using the control room. The thought occurred to me that this feature might not be available in AI, so I instead routed my Stereo bus directly to the output channels and that did the trick.

I thought I’d detail the solution here so that anyone in the future might save themselves some time if they’re having the same issue.

Thanks very much for the help. You’re always one of the guys I count on here when the going gets weird. :slight_smile: