No output from sampler track when switching computers

I have several projects that use sampler tracks and are being worked on two different machines. Both machines have the latest version of Cubase 10 installed.

When moving from one machine to another some of the sampler tracks go quiet even though the waveform shows up, the correct audio file name appears in the sampler and the audio file appears in the pool. However, some sampler tracks work just fine.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

The only solution I’ve found is to re-drag the sample from the pool into the sampler but that kills all the sampler settings and I have to re-create them (e.g. start point, end point, etc).



Bump - anyone find a solution? I found posts that indicate that this problem has been around for a while but don’t see a mention of a workaround or confirmed bug fix. t’s causing a lot of problems on a bunch of tracks right now…

Also, since my original post I discovered that the solution gave there doesn’t always work. Sometimes sampler tracks in the entire project become corrupt: even creating new ones still results in buggy behavior, especially when enabling “solo” mode. I have one project that was saved with a sampler track in “solo” mode and now I can’t get any “solo” mode sampler tracks to create any sound, even ones created new with brand new samples brought in to the project. If I switch to “musical” mode they work in that project. But I also have issues with “musical” mode tracks in other projects.

Word to the wise: bounce sampler tracks to audio before you close a project.


Something I do with sampler tracks is that I make sure I drag the sample into the project first, so I know that it’s copied the sample in to the project audio folder.

Thanks for the reply - as I said above, it’s not an issue with a missing sample. The sample is in the project audio folder.

Also - it turns out it’s not just an issue when switching computers. The problem occurs when re-opening the project on the same computer.