No output to sound card CB12pro Tascam US 16x08

Had a strange experience at a rehearsal yesterday. Have a CB project ready for stage recording via the TascamUS16x08 soundcard. Use 4 channels for monitoring out. 1stereo and 2 mono. This ready to load setup have been working for many different occasions and for hours every times. Yesterday was no sound out from CB. Everything seems visually OK but no sound. Restarting sound card and CB12 gave sound for about 30 sec then fading out. Tried this 5 times with the same result. Desperat I loaded the project into CB11pro and guess what! Everything works perfect!
Saved my day but can I trust CB12 pro with anything serious again?

Hi there,
I just have a question; Does it now work properly and without problems in combination with CB 12 and Tascam US 16x08?

Hi, actually i don’t know. I switched to Ableton live 11 suite for my live sessions with the tascam ,to survive this ,and all the other issues with Cubase 12. CB 12 Pro .30 still have issues an is not good enough for realtime stuff.
I still use CB 11 for recordings where the present is not a critical factor. It works just fine for this. /M

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