No output to usb port

HHHhhhhmmmm… I was wondering if the hive mind has had this challenge before…

For some reason, Cubase 12 Pro is defaulting to the speaker/headphone. I normally have it going to UR-22. I only have sound coming from the headphone output. Nothing from the UR22

I go to Audio Connections in the Studio dropdown.

I have an option to go to UR-22 on the Input tab. But it doesn’t recognize UR-22 in the Output tab.

I checked the driver and output on other places; Maschine, YouTube, etc. … and UR-22 works fine

I am also wondering if the Generic Low Latency ASIO is playing havoc. It is the only option available in Audio Connections under the Audio Device tab.

I appreciate your help. Thanks


Select the Yamaha/Steinberg driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > ASIO Driver, please.

Most likely. The UR-22 has an ASIO Driver & that is what you should be using. If you are using Windows check in Device Manager to see if the UR-22 is showing up as an Audio Device (Mac, ???). Try reinstalling the UR-22’s ASIO driver.

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That did it! I don’t know what I would do without you. So simple. Yet out of my grasp the other day… Many, many thanks!