No Pack Found In Pack Price/Summary Catalogue


Just crossgraded from Cubase 11 Pro to Nuendo 11 Pro today and something odd keeps appearing whenever I open up a Cubase project in Nuendo. Two little boxes. One that says

“No Pack Found In Pack Price Catalogue”
and the other,
“No Pack Found In Pack Summary Catalogue”.

I did do some Googling but no results on these. They don’t appear to cause any problems after I click ‘Okay’ on them, but this is a new one on me and thought I’d see if anyone else gets these or knows what they are.

Thank you, kindly :slight_smile:


Yo tengo el mismo problema pero en otro DAW, escribo porque tampoco encuentro solución al problema, al parecer lo genera algún plugin, si cargo mi sesión en modo a prueba de errores (esto es abrir la sesión con todos los plugins apagados), el cartel no aparece.

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Thank you letting me know, that’s very much appreciated :slight_smile:

This is BFD

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Good to know. Thank you, danielgef :slight_smile:

I wonder, with them having the same engine, why they show up in Nuendo but not Cubase?! :confused:

I think it’s just coincidence. I had the same problem on cubase. Fresh update 3.4 on BFD resolve this.

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You Sir, are a star.
I had no idea that FXpansion’s BFD had been moved to InMusic, or that there was a 3.4 update but I’ve just done the migration thing and am downloading 3.4 and the free expansion now, so that was a nice little surprise. I like free, it’s my favourite price.

Again, thank you :slight_smile: