no page formats showing in print mode

Just wondering, but why isn’t there any page format showing in this dialogue? I never had this before:

string 5 (415 KB)

Dear Andre,
What is selected in the left column? I suppose that if you have both a score and parts with different page sizes, you cannot have ONE page size there…
[Edit] Since you have a new computer, would it be possible that you have not set any printer to it yet? I think this dialog only shows paper formats supported by your printer.

In the left column is only a single layout selected, in this case the full score. I don’t have any printers installed no, because I don’t own a printer. I never had one with the previous Mac either, but didn’t have this problem.

If you don’t print, I do not understand why you bother about that. Click on the Graphic button, and the page size will be the one set in Layout options > Page size.

If it feels better to have paper sizes showing, just install a printer driver - you don’t have to hook up a physical unit in order to do that … :wink:

Actually I feel indeed better to see the size the I export to PDF before hitting the export button. I understand that it will use the format set in the Setup, yes. I will install a printer driver, that should do it. Thanks Marc and Fratveno.

…except the size you see in the right panel of Print mode is NOT necessarily the size you’re exporting to!

But it adjusts the print preview which helps seeing if everything looks good.