No pages showing in score, only galley view

Somehow I have ended up with a score that does only shows the music in galley view. In page view I only have the first few pages. Please advise. I must have done something but I have no idea what. I have uploaded the file with Silence. Thank you.
Upon a Christmas Night Divisi Silence.dorico (2.7 MB)

If I remove the Page Template override from Page 1, then all the pages re-appear.

You’ll need to Insert Pages with your template before page 1.

There’s something quite odd when I switch in and out of editing your template. The document goes crazy for a fraction of a second.

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And your title page setup won’t work the way you want it to. You have to split the two pages into two templates.

Upon a Christmas Night Divisi Silence EDITED.dorico (3.2 MB)

Thanks to all who responded to this plea. I have attempted the page template override removal and can’t seem to make it work. That is to say that I don’t end up with reappearing pages. In any case I have utilized my Samsung T5 and recovered an appropriate version which is an acceptable solution. I usually steer clear of the template aspect of Dorico as it makes my hair hurt generally. Now I know not to go near it again, at least until I can acquire some facility and dexterity in the matter. Thanks again.

I did as Ben did in his first reply, and all the music reappeared for me too. You shouldn’t have to lose any (scoring) work over this issue.

Agreed. So I must have been doing the procedure incorrectly which was my assumption… I read it directly from the appropriate page in the docs, so if you can advise what I might have been doing wrong I would be grateful. Thank you.

I guess the problem is that when you inserted the page template change, using your “Title page” template, you choosed “From this page onwards” insted of “Current page only”.
page template change


Thank you Rafaelv. I studied your little video (how did you do that anyhow?) and of course it worked. Don’t know what the difference was, except that I used the drop down menu as you did instead of the "remove? button which I did previously when it didn’t work. In any case, all is well, though I still don’t grasp the whole template function and how it works and how different things are affected by it. That’s for me to study. Thank you again.

Hi @GeoAndo

You are welcome. I made the gif with the software LICEcap.

Also the free ScreenToGif for Windows is excellent and gets active development.