no pan when grouped

Hi All !
I know this sounds dumb but >:
I want to make a mix template x tracks into sub group routed into an ALL xx grp routed to a mix bus grp etc
lets say I have two group of guitar trax 2x4 or 8 inro a group called guits… there are no pa cntrl on any of the grouped tracks only in the sub group
( the work flow for this is channels selected in mixer and right click command add group track to selected channels).
it such a shame I cant access my pans without unlinking the group first (counter productive if you ask me)

is there any way to override this ???

Well quite normal you can ´t pan tracks that go to a mono bus that´s not a shame, it´s physics. Obviously you need to use stereo groups…

jeeez !
I looked into that after thinking I get DUH !!! of the year award :slight_smile: … but alas this is not the case.
If I make a new group track then rout tracks to it all is ok but if I multi select channels then add group track to selected channels I loose my pans…
and yes stereo grp is added
thanks anyway.