No Patches dropdown for MIDI device

Hi there, I bought Yamaha CP73 and have tried to define MIDI device for it. Now I can select this instrument in inspector but I do not see dropdownbox for patch selection. it still only show Bank-Select and Program-Select. Even if I select correct Bank (63) then I can not select odd Programs (1,3,5…) but only even programs (2,4,6). what am I doing wrong? thank you for your help

In the MIDI device manager window, you have to define in a way or another a presets list. In my case, I added all the presets of my external instruments manually. The procedure is this one :

  1. Once the device created, click on the Open device button, in the MIDI device manager window.
  2. You have a window opening with the device name. In it, you have a pick list with Device displayed. In it, select Patch Banks instead.
  3. Tick the Enable Edit option, otherwise, you won’t be able to add anything.
  4. Just on the left of this option, you have another pick list : in it, choose first Create bank, then add folders and presets with it, as needed, with the same pick list. You can rename each item cretaed by doucle-click, and add in the right pane, the MIDI messages to invoke them.
  5. Once done, you can close the device window, but DO NOT FORGET to save it in a safe place with the Export setup button (it’s an .xml file) in the MIDI device manager window afterwards : it’s this file that will allow you to retrieve your defined preset list in track headers, instead of the generic Bank+presets ones.

On several MIDI device (keyboard, expanders, etc.) there is also the possibility to use bulk dump messages, but I’ve never been able to get consistent results with them. At the end, I made everything by hand…

Just in case, here is the one I am still using with my Korg 05R/W, done more than ten years ago… Try to import it and see how it is laid out.

05RW.xml (765.7 KB)


Hi cubic13, thank you for your reply. I tried your procedure, but I can’t click button ‘Patch Banks’. It’s disabled. But again, I can not select programms in inspector. I have to type Bank and Program manually. (see pictures attached). I have got Cubase Artist 11. May be is this only in Pro verson possible.

Hi again, dkalna

Indeed, we don’t have the same UI layout. Here is mine (which has two windows), using the Add multiple presets option (it automatically adds 128 presets with their corresponding patch number message - I don’t remember this one existing the days I did my own lists, but it was long ago…) :

Seems like it’s an ‘Artist’ thing, looking at the manual of this version. But what seems important to me, looking at your screenshot, is that there is a Bearbeitun. option which has exactly the same position as the Enable Edit one I was talking about previously. Try to tick this one before anything as, for the most part, it seems that you should be able to define a presets list as the Pro version, looking again at the Operation manual (p.648)…

Hi cubic13, and again, thank you for your time and response.
I did consult operational manual but after few failed tries I did
following: I have created GM Device and then I changed manually
all banks and programs. That way it works, now I can use it happily.

If someone ist interested, here is the link to exported XML-File:


Feel free to download und use it!

Best regards