No PC Audio when Cubase is running

Cubase noob here. When I run Cubase all the other audio on my PC stops. If I close Cubase everything seems to work fine. This is especially a problem because, as a noob, I’m trying to follow video tutorials on Cubase by stepping through different Cubase features and panels as they’re describing them in the tutorials.
I’ve attached a screenshot of my Studio Setup dialog.

Here’s the ASIO driver settings . . .

…PC is a Lenovo P520 Thinkstation with 64 bit Windows 10 with the stock audio card.

P.S. - I also tried the ASIO4Allv2 with the same result.

PS - I’ve never had this problem with FL Studio.

This is because you allow Cubase to take exclusive control of your audio device.
This will let you get lower latency, but will lock out other programs.
You could try unchecking the “allow ASIO host application to take exclusive control of selected port configuration” checkbox and restart everything and see if it works better. Expect longer latencies, though.

To get good low-latency behavior in a DAW (any DAW) you really need a sound card/device/interface that has dedicated ASIO drivers, rather than using ASIO4All. And, ideally, some device that lets you keep playing Windows audio while doing ASIO, either by having multiple different channels, or having drivers that support it. (Most devices that have ASIO drivers, do, but I imagine there might be some that don’t.)