No piano roll

Where’s my notes? The tracks in the screenshot should be full of notes.

Can you attach a Dorico file of (a segment of) the project here? There is no way to answer your question based on just an image.

Hi Derrek, Thanks’ for your reply. attached is a copy of the Dorico project file.
A New Tune.dorico (594.7 KB)

It’s full of notes here… :confused:

When I opened your file I got this error…
HSSE error
It then crashed Dorico (3.5).

This has never happened before.

Hi Janus/Alberto_Maria
Thank’s for your interest. Sorry the file crashed your computer Janus,
I’m using Dorico Elements version on a windows 10 pc.
I’ve shut down and restarted Dorico but still I can’t get any midi notes to show in the piano roll.

It looks like you’ve managed to increase the height of the track, but not actually disclose it: click the right-pointing chevron > to the left of the Flute and Piano labels to open the track and show the piano roll.

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Thanks’ Dspreadbury. I hadn’t noticed the arrows next to the track names. Incidentally expanding the height of the tracks is quite a fiddly task. You have to get your mouse pointer to just the right position to resize the track.
Thanks again.

Sometimes these “self-created problems” are SO very funny. :sweat_smile: