No play back on loops in loop browser

Hi there, alot of loops are not playing back in loop browser, there’s no wave shown. Any ideas


If you are using Control Room, the Previews are routed to the Monitor bus.

Are you sure these are audio files?
The Loop Broswer can also show other files. Some of the presets have been made on previous versions with discontinued plugins like Prologue and Mystic, ie. they don’t playback any sound anymore.

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hi there thanks for replies…the ones what dont play are from the sequel library…whatever that is…

My above applies.

For example:

I cannot hear any sound from the selected Bass loop.
Drums 1 and Drums 2 work nicely,
Sweep Pads are silent again.

Nobody at Steinberg removed these loops when they removed the plugins that they use.
You can still import them and assign them an instrument yourself.