No playback from Hal sonic SE after installing dorico 2.2 update

Hi! I get No playback from Hal sonic SE after installing dorico 2.2 update. audio comes through Dorico if I use other sound sources like ARIA or Play but not a sound from HAL.
If I play the keyboard HAL sonic SE registers this but no sound comes what so ever. Have reinstalled HAL sonic and the dorico update patch, still no solution. I need help please! Frans Mossberg, Lund, Sweden

Please try starting a new project, and add a piano instrument. Switch to Play mode and show the HALion Sonic SE VST instrument interface: is the piano sound correctly loaded in there? If you click notes on the virtual keyboard in the HSSE window, do you hear any sound?

Hello Daniel!
No I don´t hear any sound after loading the piano. the midi sign at the top of the window light up anyway as the number one left of the loaded slot

Thought I’d jump in as well here - I’m not getting any playback at all from any of my devices (Halion or NotePerformer). Playback bar does not move. This is since updating to version 2.2.

To both gentlemen, please create an empty project with just a piano player, then choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That will create a zip file on your desktop. Please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg do de’.

My problem seems to have solved itself with a reboot. It appears another app was hogging the audio engine, even after quitting.

Franzmo’s problems are also solved now after deleting the HALion Sonic SE preferences.