No playback from Key Editor

Cubase 7.5

Got an instrument track running into Kontakt, at some point during the session no notes in the key editor are passing into Kontakt. Inserting notes triggers sounds, and playing in notes from keyboard but when playing back I get nothing. Checking through the midi monitor and it doesn’t pick up anything during playback. Only fix I’ve found so far is to duplicate the track and remove the old one, then everything carries on as normal.

Not a huge pain but it seems to happen increasingly often, what can I have clicked/changed that would have caused this?

Not at my rig at the moment, but is your midi channel in the Cubase Inspector the same midi channel number in Kontakt? May be a red herring.

Hi Neil thanks for your reply. Did check the midi channel numbers, and even switched the instrument to omni in case it made a difference, unfortunately it didn’t. I think the midi monitor plugin not reading any activity during playback would seem to indicate that cubase isn’t sending any midi data from that track, despite all clips being unmuted etc etc…

Weird one!

Ed, I note this is only your 9th post (10 when you reply), so not sure how into Cubase you are.
Going back to my old fault finding days - press F11 and load Kontakt as a rack instrument, not an instrument track. Lets take it from there… (narrow the problem down a bit).
I tend to use multi timbral instruments such as RMX, Omnisphere, Kontakt etc as rack instruments and only single synths such as Nexus, Vanguard etc as instrument tracks (old habits!), so I haven’t come across your problem. Maybe this idea will give us some more clues.
Oh, and do put your kit list in your signature, then we know which Cubase you’ve got, etc etc. It really does help to get answers.

I’m a refugee from PT10, been using Cubase for a year or so now but still stuck in my old mindset of one track per instrument! I’ll redo the project as you’ve suggested and see if the problem reoccurs.

As an aside, would you recommend using Kontakt as a rack instead of having a separate instance for each track? I find being able to freeze tracks individually very useful, would I still be able to do this if the tracks were just midi tracks feeding into a rack VST?

Thanks again for your continued help

I use K5 as a rack instrument & create multis. Never used it any other way and I’ve never used freeze yet, so I’m sorry but I can’t answer your aside.