no playback of files with 44.1K sampling

With my sound card selected as the audio device, Wavelab 7 will play back wav files with sample rates of 48K but not those with sample rates of 44.1K. WL7 will play 44.1K sample-rate files if I choose MME as the audio device. WL7 says it can’t change the sound card to 44.1K.
I’m running Wavelab 7.01 on a duo-core Pentium 4 at 3 GHz with 4 Gbytes of memory. My sound card is a Creative Labs SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM). I’m running Window XP-Pro service-pack 3. I’ve updated the WDM drivers on the sound card. Wavelab 6 works fine with this sound card at all sample rates. WL7 will play the 44.1K files if I convert the sample rate to 48K. All other functions of WL 7 seem OK on this system. Any ideas?

This sounds like your audio card has its sample rate locked. Right?
Do I understand right, that your problem only happens if you select an ASIO driver, and not MME?
If you play a 96k file, what happens?
BTW, I recall that current version is 7.1, not 7.01.

Thanks for the response. Wavelab 7.1, yes. I don’t believe the soundcard is locked since WL6 plays files at various sampling rates using my SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM) card. Windows Media Player 11 is also able to play audio files at various sampling rates with no problem. Wavelab 7 seems to only play files at 48K sampling; not 44.1K nor 96K. In WL6 Options the sound card is listed as MME-WDM SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio. In WL7 under Audio Streaming Setting, the card is listed as SB Audigy 2 ZS ASIO (WDM) and the MME buffer size option is NOT active on the Options page of Audio Streaming Settings.

I don’t really follow. Maybe show me a screen shot of your dialog.
I believe that if you choose the MME solution, rather than ASIO, you won’t have a problem anymore.

Yes, as mentioned in the first post, WL7 will play 44.1K sampled files if I choose MME as the primary audio device under Audio Streaming Settings. I can then select the Audigy card under playback and record. I was trying to avoid this because I lose ASIO capability and supposedly have greater latency time using the MME driver than I would using the WMD driver for the Audigy card. I thought about installing the KMDF driver for my sound card, but suspect that will just complicate things. I guess using the MME driver is the solution. Thank you for the help.