No playback on Dorico SE

I just installed the Dorico SE 3.5 on my big sur 11.3.1 version, but I couldn’t hear any of my playback, any solution?

Did you install the sounds also?


In the Steinberg Download Assistant you find the ‘Dorico SE 3.5.10 Sounds Installer’ (2.59 GB). You need to download and also install that.
If you did but still don’t get any playback, then please load a project into Dorico and from the main menu choose ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. The corresponding zip file post here, please. Thanks

Dorico (898.3 KB)

Thanks for the data. I saw something in there which I’ve never seen before.
Could you please start a new project from piano template and then create another diagnostics report, please? Thanks

When I created a new project with piano, it sounded nicely, but once I open back my own project with guitar patch, it did not sounded anything.
Dorico (923.4 KB)

if you open your (working) piano project, then Import the Guitar project as another flow: will you get your playback? If yes, delete the piano flow afterwards and save as new project.

Hi ycsteven,
so it is only that one project that is broken, but playback works in general.
And that’s what I meant in the beginning, I could see that something with the audio engine part of the project data is wrong and therefore it can’t put out any sound.
You could send me the project file to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ so that I can fix it.
Unfortunately I have no idea how the data could get into that funny shape in first place.

Or you could first try something else: Go to Play Mode and then choose ‘Play > Playback Template’ and reapply the template. Maybe that already fixes it. If not, send it to me and I’ll do.

Hi, After I applied the playback template, it sounded perfectly, thanks for the helping, now I can continue my project.