No playback on instrument channel

Hi, as you can see from the picture I have an instrument track with some midi data on it. (piano 1 )
However, I’m not getting any audio from the track when I play it back.
But if I activate" Monitor" or" Record enable" and played my midi keyboard, I get an audio signal.
Am I missing something obvious?

Where is the signal of the instrument channel routed to? Is there a connection to the master?

to stereo out.

I was hoping that someone with more experience in midi would join us in the meantime. We only do post-production here. So I don’t work with midi instruments. :blush:

How did you connect the stereo output to your hardware?
You don’t use the control room, do you?

No I have artist version.
What I ended up doing is creating another track and copying the midi events to that track, and that worked. I have no idea what went wrong, but at least I found a solution.

Thanks for trying to help.

Strange. But I am glad that it works now. :+1:

Looks like a mute state issue. Next time you see this, try pressing the mute button on the project window even it looks unmuted.
The bug is old and reported numerous time in the past. It happens when you re-activate previously muted vsti track, e.g mute vsti track, disable the track then enable → the mute button will look unmuted.

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I did not know this error. Learned something again. :+1:

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