no playback on le5

i have just bought an alesis io2 with cubase le5

when i record audio the sound won’t play back. the device setup it says that both mic inputs are active but both outputs are inactive all are thru the io2. i’m running it on windows 7 premium 64bit.
i’ve seen a few posts with similar problems but none of the solutions seem to work. how can i activate the output?

can anyone help?


By connecting it in VST Connections…

I haven’t got that far, like you I’ve got the same OS and the same Alesis USB Interface. Installed le5 and I can’t get it to play std midi files through the soundscard. There are times when I might want to edit midi or include it in projects with wav files. All I can hear is the metronome
I’ve tried connecting a VST and using MS Wavetable for voices , stioll get nothing…Help !!!

MS Wavetable isn’t for use in Cubase. You should be using Halion or other included plugin.

I’ll try Halion but I’m not hopeful ???

How do I route the midi output to the Halion Plug in? When I go to the Device manager and click midi port set up, MS Wavetable is there, I click on it to try and remove it but nothing happens?

create an instrument track, select halion from the dialog and off you go.

Try reading the getting started manual (seriously)

Yeah, in LE 4&5 Instrument tracks are for VSTi’s, MIDI tracks are for triggering external kit.

Inn Magix I can simply set Gen Midi wavetable instead of Alesis and get the Cheesy MS Wavetable sounds throught the Soundcard. I’ve managed to get cubase to do the same but I have to map each midi event to a GM instrument. Don’t have top do that in Magix, it happens automatically. However, it seems I can only have one instruemt track in LE, do I drop alll the events into that?

I did read the getting started manual BTW and it wasn’t much help. I logged this with Steinberg help and thye haven’t replied after a week - how long do they take to respond to E Mail halp requests normally?

In LE you need to use Instrument Tracks, not MIDI. Again, the MS Wavetable is not for Cubase. Yes, it can be used, but has a latency of over 50ms. If Halion isn’t cutting it, you can D/L the Universal Sound Module from Steiny’s ftp site. Yes, Instrument tracks are limited to a single stereo out.

I’ve dowmloaded a number of plug ins including a drum one which allows me to load in wave samples and pan the drum output in Stereo. The USM is better than Halion. However, as indicated on another post Steinberg customer Service have let themselves down badly by not bothering to reply to my original query about getting midi playback through the sound card and this does not encourage me to stick with them. The Email acknowledgement of my request does not have an incident number so I can’t refer them back to my original request.

For reasons stated, the last thing you want to do is use your internal soundcard’s instruments. They ARE NOT for DAW use. No fault of Cubase, what-so ever.