No playback sound - Dorico not recognising USB interface as sound output

I’m new to Dorico (currently using Elements) and when I go to playback notated material through my USB interface/studio monitors there is not sound. I have installed the sound packs and followed some Youtube tutorials to try to figure out what it might be but can’t seem to figure it out.

In the device setup it will not show my interface as an output port option. Not being very technically minded I’m out of ideas.

What USB audio interface do you have? Is there an ASIO driver available for it? Are you on Win or Mac? Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Unfortunately I cannot add the diagnostic files as I am a new user and apparently new users can’t attach files.

I have since figured out the issue though and at the moment it seems to be working fine. Thanks for your fast response.

Read a bunch of other posts and your access will rise to the point where you can post attachments.