No playback sound in Dorico pro 4

If i write a piece on iPad using Elements then playback is fine on ipad. If I open this piece in Dorico Pro on MacBook Pro then there is no sound on Mac. If I write a piece entirely using MacBook then playback works fine. Should I be doing something when opening an iPad score on Mac? I’m using NotePerformer on Mac if that’s any help.

What if you go to Play mode then and from the menu choose Play > Playback Template and then reapply the NotePerformer template? Does it play back then?

Ahhh…….indeed it does. It’s very quiet though but at least it plays! Thank you very much!! Is this necessary whenever I swap to iPad and back?

You’re welcome. And actually I don’t know, I don’t have an iPad. But maybe someone else here can chime in…

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Since the iPad and Desktop versions use different sound sets, resetting the Playback Template will likely be necessary (and would certainly be advisable) whenever you go back and forth.

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Thanks for your help. I’ve only just started using Pro and Sibelius for a long time so all rather new sorry!

But you are asking the right questions. :+1:

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