No Playback Sound with CI2

I am a newbie attempting to get Cubase 7 operating and recording. I am able to successfully record sounds through the microphones, but cannot figure out how to get the playback to be heard in the headphones or anywhere.

My setup is as follows:
• Steinberg Ci2 with two microphones connected using XLR cables.
• The Line Out ports have nothing plugged into them.
• The Phones port has a set of stereo headphones plugged into it.
• The USB port is plugged into my Windows 8.1 PC

Here are the data points:
• The headphones are working and sounds made into the microphones can be heard on the headphones whether Cubase is running or not.
• When the Cubase Transport Play button is selected, a vertical bar appears and moves through the recorded waveforms just as it does in the Tutorial videos, however, there is no sound.
• All other sounds from the PC are able to be heard in the headphones, such as sound from the Tutorial videos and anything else that Windows generates.
• The VST Connections – Outputs screen shows
o Bus Name: Stereo Out (with Left and Right appearing below it in the column)
o Audio Device Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver
o Device Port: Communications Headphones (I 1, Communications Headphones (I 2

It is my belief that the playback should be able to be directed to the Phones jack on the Ci2, but I cannot find a way to do so. Thank you.

You should change your ASIO driver to the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver. Please be sure you have first installed the latest from

Then all of your sound should process through the CI2. Be sure to set your Mix knob on the CI2 to hear the playback from Cubase.

Thank you, that was the problem! Appreciated.